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I'm a Psychoterapist (MSc) and Photographer

I started my career as a photographer after an extended period of working and travelling with professional photographers from all over the world. My experiences during these many years of travel ignited a broad interest in social causes. This eventually led me to study psychotherapy, which I pursue alongside my work as a photographer, and holistic counsellor. 

My focus as a therapist is to provide my clients with a safe space for self-exploration, deeper understanding, and lasting change. I feel that the greatest way to honour ourselves and our time here on Earth is to put intention into nurturing our growth and well-being, finding our truest self, and discovering all the ways to live and serve.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for a 30m free introductory session.

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Elevate to your highest human potential 

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”Rosana was my therapist last year. She helped me through a very challenging time in my life dealing with adrenal fatigue and anxiety I was having from work pressures and family trauma. Rosana is a professional, and her work helped my body heal faster and her counselling was on point and made a huge difference to the way I approached the next phase of my life. I'm in such a better place now and full of energy again.  I'm so grateful for my sessions with Rosana". 

Lalitha S - Google executive

”Rosana created a beautiful, sensory environment where I felt safe to access deeper layers of my psyche and to begin to reveal and unblock my subconscious behavioural patterns. The combination of intuitive dance, nurturing investigative conversation, teamed with breathwork, and all within Rosana’s attentive care was truly liberating. The insight I now have into myself from this work is incomparable to anything I’ve experienced thus far. My wish is for everyone to join in this profound healing journey with Rosana’s dedicated guidance. Thank you, Rosana. I am revived.”

Amy C- Actor 

”It was my first time to book any sort of spiritual healing session and I’m very glad I did. Rosana made me feel extremely at home and at ease. I came high strung and stressed from work and relationship drama, but as We explored topics that I needed to get off my chest, I quickly found myself in a calmer state. From there I laid down and we did a bit of breathing exercises. I basically fell asleep from the healing touches of her hands! I left feeling good, invigorated, and somehow accomplished. Taking action to better oneself is the first step and I’m glad I did it.”

Yureeka Y - CEO & Art advisor

”It’s hard to put into words how truly powerful and life changing my experience was working with Rosana in Italy. This work is not for the faint of heart. It is deep, healing, transformational work. Never have I ever felt so undone, grounded, liberated and excited for life all at the same time. Rosana has a true gift combining her psychotherapy, compassion for others and almost otherworldly essence. It was a true privilege and a gift to get to do this and in such a beautiful, safe space amongst nature. I felt like I connected with myself in such a way that a lifetime of therapy could not have produced the results and deep revelations that were produced over a few days. It is something I believe that everyone should do at least once in their life and especially women, to really get a grasp of their power and potential. Thank you, Rosana for heading the call to create this miracle space and experience. I will never be the same.”

Jennifer L M - Actress 

”Rosana's photography is an expression of her deep empathy with all her fellow beings. She sees them as mirrors that allow glimpses into our collective soul. Her particular fascination with the human psyche is more in our capacity to allow and transcend than in conforming our individual experiences towards a collective norm. This understanding and her natural empathy make her a gifted healer and an intuitive spiritual guide.”

Felix W - Author & Health Practitioner 

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Available for online sessions. Contact me to schedule a free introductory session. 

BACP Member

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